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compatible toner chip for Q6000A series

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  • Q6000A-Q6003A series
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  • Type:Cartridge Chip


  • Chips Compatible with HP cartridge Q6000A series, used for Hp printer 1600/2600/2605, also compatible with canon LBP5000&LBP530



Chips Compatible with HP cartridge Q6000A series,  used for Hp printer 1600/2600/2605/1015/1017/, also compatible with canon LBP5000&LBP5300.



1.      Functioned chips with stable quality

2.      Rigorous testing taken before delivery.

3.      Special measures are subject to customers needs.

H-1600/2600             K Q6000A Universal -black    1600/2600/2605/1015/1017/canon LBP5000 /canon LBP5300  2.5K
H-1600/2600              C Q6001A  Universal  -cyan  1600/2600/2605/1015/1017/canon LBP5000 /canon LBP5300  2K
H-1600/2600             Y Q6002A  Universal  -yellow  1600/2600/2605/1015/1017/canon LBP5000 /canon LBP5300  2K
H-1600/2600               M Q6003A Universal  magenta  1600/2600/2605/1015/1017/canon LBP5000 /canon LBP5300  2K
H-2600/3600/3800       K  Q6000A~Q6003A            for 1600/2600; Q7560A~Q5563a           for 2700/3000; Q6470A~Q64733a         for 3600; Q6470A,Q7581A~Q7583a for 3800; C5950A~C5953a for4700; Q6460A~Q6463a  for4730 Universal -black 1600/2600/2605/1015/1017/2700/3000/3600/3800/4700/4730/canon LBP5000/canon LBP5300  #
H-2600/3600               C  Universal  -cyan 1600/2600/2605/1015/1017/2700/3000/3600/4700/4730/canon LBP5000/canon LBP5300  #
H-2600/3600             Y   Universal  -yellow 1600/2600/2605/1015/1017/2700/3000/3600/4700/4730/canon LBP5000/canon LBP5300  #
H-2600/3600             M Universal  magenta 1600/2600/2605/1015/1017/2700/3000/3600/4700/4730/canon LBP5000/canon LBP5300  #
H-2600/3800             C  Universal  -cyan 1600/2600/2605/1015/1017/2700/3000/3800/4700/4730/canon LBP5000/canon LBP5300  #
H-2600/3800            Y   Universal  -yellow 1600/2600/2605/1015/1017/2700/3000/3800/4700/4730/canon LBP5000/canon LBP5300  #
H-2600/3800               M Universal  magenta 1600/2600/2605/1015/1017/2700/3000/3800/4700/4730/canon LBP5000/canon LBP5300  #
H-4600/5500               Universal C9720A/C9730A Laser Jet   4600/4650/5500/5550/canon 2810(EP-86)-black 9K/13K
C9720A/C9731A Laser Jet   4600/4650/5500/5550/canon 2810(EP-86)-cyan 8K/12K
C9720A/C9732A Laser Jet   4600/4650/5500/5550/canon 2810(EP-86)-yellow 8K/12K
C9720A/C9733A Laser Jet   4600/4650/5500/5550/canon 2810(EP-86)-magenta 8K/12K
H-4600/4650  (chip for special use) C9720A/C9734A Laser Jet   4600/4650-black 9K
C9720A/C9735A Laser Jet   4600/4650-cyan 8K
C9720A/C9736A Laser Jet   4600/4650yellow 8K
C9720A/C9737A Laser Jet   4600/4650-magenta 8K


We are confident that you will be satisfied with our items. Welcome to contact us for more details!

compatible toner chip for Q6000A series compatible toner chip for Q6000A series

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